Establishing Communication with the “Sich-2-30” Satellite

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 18, 2022
Establishing Communication with the “Sich-2-30” Satellite

The United States identified a satellite from Ukraine in its database, after which it was recognized as a full-fledged space object "51030"

On January 13, Falcon-9 launched Ukraine's long-awaited domestic space satellite into orbit. Due to some nuances, the connection with the satellite was temporarily lost, but now it is safe to say that the connection is stable. Today, the satellite can be tracked through the Celestrak service under the name of the object — Sich-2-30.

The National Center for Space Management and Testing in the Khmelnytsky region (Western Ukraine) is already receiving the first data from our satellite.

"Thus, the flight design tests of the Earth remote sensing satellite Sich-2-30 (Sich-2-1), which should be completed in mid-March, continue," Roman Gryshchuk, parliamentary representative for education, science and innovation and co-author of the law On demonopolization of the space industry in Ukraine.

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