Estonian Assistance in Deblock Ukrainian Ports

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 21, 2022
Estonian Assistance in Deblock Ukrainian Ports

Estonia votes for the introduction of NATO ships into the Black Sea to liberate Ukrainian ports

The Russian Federation brought its ships into the Azov and the Black Sea. The aggressor stopped the movement of Ukrainian and foreign ships by its actions. Moreover, the occupying forces had detained ships carrying several dozen tons of cereals. The blocked cargo was to be sent to other countries. The European Parliament has already declared the blocking of Ukrainian ships and ports an international problem. The European Community had reached such conclusions because of the worsening food situation in various countries of the world.

Estonia was one of the first to offer to help Ukraine export grain crops and unlock ships. A former commander of the Estonian defense forces, deputy of the European Parliament, and lieutenant-general Rigo Terraz proposed introducing NATO ships into the seas. In his opinion, after such a step, Ukrainian ships will be able to sail safely, and Russia will not take the risk — of a war with the North Atlantic alliance.

"The introduction of NATO ships and ships from other European countries into the Black Sea to unblock Ukrainian ports and ensure navigation would be a powerful deterrent. I do not think that Russia would dare to attack NATO ships escorting civilian ships because it will lead to a direct clash with NATO. Russia is unable to deal with force like NATO because it already has problems with Ukraine. Unfortunately, I am almost convinced that NATO will not send its ships out in fear of escalation, but I am sure that Russia will not dare to attack NATO ships. The last thing Putin wants is the direct intervention of another state or alliance," Rigo Terrace told Guildhall.

The representative of Estonia calls for this step to be taken because Russia’s actions lead not to a military victory, but an economic and food crisis in Ukraine and other countries.

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