EU Support in Energy

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Thursday, January 27, 2022
EU Support in Energy

The EU demonstrates a high level of support for Ukraine in all areas of energy cooperation

Last week, a working meeting was held in Brussels between the minister of energy Galushchenko German and colleagues from the European Commission, where the European side, in particular, confirmed its support for the relevant initiatives of Ukraine.

The energy sector's relations between Ukraine and the EU are strategic and characterized by high intensity. Their key areas are energy security, integration of gas and electricity markets, development of renewable energy sources, and nuclear energy.

"We feel serious support from the EU in all areas of energy cooperation. In particular, this applies to Ukraine's initiative to establish a Regional Partnership on Energy Security RESP and the integration of Ukrainian and European electricity markets," said energy minister German Galushchenko.

To further promote the RESP initiative and synchronize with the ENTSO-E energy system of Ukraine, Ukraine intends to approve several European integration bills in the energy sector in the near future.

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