EU-Ukraine Graffiti Was Created in Vienna

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 24, 2022
EU-Ukraine Graffiti Was Created in Vienna

In honor of Ukraine's candidate status for accession to the European Union, the coat of arms of Ukraine surrounded by European stars was painted blue on the Danube canal

Belarusian artist Mikhas Smolski created graffiti in the heart of Austria in honor of Ukraine. The fresco is painted in yellow and blue, which is both the color of the Ukrainian flag and the color of the EU flag. From now on, the embankment of the Danube canal is decorated with a large blue canvas with the inscription Ukraine is Europe and the coat of arms of Ukraine, framed by EU stars.

"Ukraine was and is Europe, and its future is part of the European Union. By repelling Russian aggression now and defending Europe, Ukraine is proving that it deserves this future," said Mikhas Smolski.

We remind you that yesterday Ukraine became a candidate for EU membership. According to the plan of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ukraine will be able to join the EU in 2029.

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