European Commission Submits Draft EU Budget for 2025 with €15.2 Billion for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
European Commission Submits Draft EU Budget for 2025 with €15.2 Billion for Ukraine

The European Commission has presented the draft European Union budget for 2025, totaling €199.7 billion

This proposal, highlighted on the European Commission's website, is part of the EU's ongoing commitment to economic stability and growth.

Key Allocations

The budget includes a significant addition of €72 billion under the NextGenerationEU program, aimed at fostering economic transformation within the EU.

For Ukraine, the draft budget outlines a substantial allocation of €15.2 billion, divided as follows:

  • €4.3 billion in grants under the Ukraine Facility.
  • €10.9 billion in loans to support Ukraine's economic and structural reforms.

Major Expenditures

The 2025 budget priorities reflect the EU's strategic focus areas, with the largest allocations as follows:

  • Common Agricultural Policy: €53.8 billion, with an additional €0.9 billion for fisheries support.
  • Regional Development and Green Transition: €49.2 billion, dedicated to promoting sustainable development across EU regions.
  • Global Partnerships and Interests: €16.3 billion, excluding the funds allocated for Ukraine.
  • Research and Innovation: €13.5 billion, aimed at maintaining the EU's competitive edge in scientific advancements.
  • European Strategic Investments: €4.6 billion, targeting infrastructure and technology projects.
  • Space Program: €2.1 billion, supporting the EU's ambitions in space exploration and satellite technology.
  • Cultural and Educational Support: €11.8 billion for sustainability and values.
  • Environmental and Climate Initiatives: €2.4 billion, reinforcing the EU's climate action commitments.
  • Border Protection: €2.7 billion, enhancing security and management of the EU's external borders.
  • Migration Management: €2.1 billion, addressing migration issues within the EU.
  • Defense: €1.8 billion, focusing on strengthening EU defense capabilities.
  • Single Market Functioning: €977 million, ensuring the smooth operation of the EU's internal market.

Approval Process

This draft budget is a component of the EU's long-term financial framework for 2021-2027. The proposed annual budget for 2025 must be approved by the Budget Authority by the end of 2024 to take effect.

This comprehensive budget underscores the European Union's dedication to supporting Ukraine amidst ongoing challenges while also addressing critical needs within the Union. The allocations reflect a balanced approach to fostering economic growth, sustainability, and security across Europe.

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