European Parliament vs Orban

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, June 4, 2023
European Parliament vs Orban

The European Parliament does not want to give Hungary the right to chair the EU

The reason for the protest of representatives of the parliaments was passive assistance from Hungary to Russia. Recall that Hungary supports China, which calls for Ukraine to cede its territories. All EU countries do not support such a "peace plan" to end the war. In addition, Hungary's prime minister, Orban, compares assistance to the EU and NATO Ukrainians with Hitler. Finally, Orban believes that Ukraine will not win and usually blocks the EU's aid packages for Ukraine. 

The European Parliament also sees problems within Hungary. The international body sees the lack of proper control over the government's financial policy within the country. Hungary never got away with corruption. In addition, Orban said he wants to control all areas of the strategic industry.

Thus, the European Parliament made a document which opposes giving Hungary a major role in the EU Council. Hungary should become a leader in the international arena in the second half of 2024. The European parliamentarians voted for the relevant resolution and submitted it to the Council of the European Union for consideration. 442 deputies voted for the resolution. 144 votes were against the text of the document. 33 representatives refrain from making a decision.

"Given its (Hungary's) inconsistency with EU legislation and values, as well as the principle of sincere cooperation," the position of the decision of the European Parliament is explained.

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