European Union Police Mission Moldova

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 27, 2023
European Union Police Mission Moldova

The EU launches a headquarters for assistance in countering foreign hybrid threats on the territory of Moldova

On April 24, the ministers of foreign affairs of the EU member states announced the launch of the European Union police mission in Moldova. A team of experts over the course of 2 years will help Moldova resist hybrid attacks and foreign interference in state politics.

The mission team in Moldova will be led by Stefano Tomat, who currently serves as director of civil planning and operations. The implementation of the EUPM in Moldova is a signal to Russia that the EU supports its candidate to join the European family.

Russian intrigues and espionage have led to an energy crisis, the closure of airspace and the threat of a coup. EUPM will help Moldova, led by Maia Sandu, overcome this Russian destabilisation.

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