Eurostandardisation of the Ukrainian Metal Market

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
Eurostandardisation of the Ukrainian Metal Market

"Interpipe" differentiated prices for 500, 510, 2, 4, and 510zd types of metal

On June 30, an international scientific and technical conference was held in Kyiv on the initiative of UAvtormet. The head of Interpipe Vtormet (a subsidiary of the global Interpipe) Valentin Makarenko presented his case the differentiation of value formation for different types of scrap metal in the best traditions of the European market. Cost deltas in the production of Interpipe Vtormet have already been recorded for expensive metals: type 500, 510, 2, 4, 510zd.

"This step is aimed at stimulating deep sorting on the basis of fixing the European market in the best practices and should be a significant help for scrappers in the current active situation of aggression in our country," Makarenko.

In addition, Vtormet has introduced a wide-spectrum analyser at its enterprises, which determines the chemical composition of scrap metal that is brought in at production facilities. This allows to accurately and quickly sort the metal depending on its use.

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