Every Ukrainian Is a Warrior of His Front

Today, all Ukrainians are bringing victory closer by taking their place and doing what they can
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Not every Ukrainian is at the front. But the war concerns not only soldiers but everyone who lives in Ukraine: a teacher, a seamstress, a builder, a manager and a student. Therefore, every Ukrainian today is doing what he can to help his country

In the photo — is an officer of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. He is always the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy made by a Russian missile/drone, and rescue the injured Ukrainians. He can search for a child under the rubble of the house for days.

Ukrainian fire service officers
Students weave protective nets for soldiers
Ukrainian doctors
"Brave to rebuild"

A volunteer organization that clears away the rubble created by the war throughout Ukraine. Hundreds of Ukrainians and foreigners daily help restore Ukraine's infrastructure in Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Izium, and even have already gone to Kherson and the Luhansk region.

Engineers daily restore power grids so that Ukrainians have light and heat
Ukrainian women sew equipment, body armour, sleeping bags and tents for soldiers
Therefore, every Ukrainian that our victory is joint. And this unites us even more.
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