Everyone Meet a New Player — “Bimp”!

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, December 9, 2021
Everyone Meet a New Player — “Bimp”!

"Bimp" — the new financial service for companies is being launched in Ukraine. What is the functionality of the project?

Three business partners from Dnipro: Yulia Dyryavko, Dmitry Obukhov and Dmitry Evchenko are launching a new financial accounting service for business and the manufacturing sector — Bimp. It will compete with the most popular product on the market — 1C.

What is Bimp?

It is a management accounting platform (financial, warehouse and production accounting and CRM, services). 

The Bimp team tried to develop a comprehensive product:

• Add a different set of functions for clients of different segments at once;

• Offer those features that the client does not even think about at first. For example, in Bimp, you can divide the lines of business and see what brings income, where money is lost, and not just look at the common picture and think that everything is fine with the business.

The service will earn on subscriptions. The user has access to three Silver / Gold / Platinum packages for $18/37/55.

Advantages and disadvantages of the service

Like 1C (a company that develops, publishes and supports computer programs, business and home databases), Bimp will not become a product that will cover most of the client's tasks in one fell swoop. Because some of the businesses are unique and complex and require additional development is essential.

With this advantage, the team intends to defeat the main monopoly 1C. Unlike Bimp1C should be integrated and customized for the needs of each enterprise individually.

When will it be launched?

Bimp is supposed to be launched in the spring of 2021, but the fate was postponed several times. The team wants to release a product with as many features as possible to make a big release and cover different categories of customers from the very beginning.

To breakthrough, a startup needs 1.000 paying customers (not at the lowest rate). Bimp inventors predict that such results will be achieved less than in a year. 

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