Exhibition of the Creative Business of Ukraine in the USA

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Exhibition of the Creative Business of Ukraine in the USA

"I Am U Are" in New York to show Ukrainian technologies, art, history and fashion

Ukrainian communication agency Gogola and activists are preparing to open a 3-day exhibition in America. It will be devoted to the development of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in another country. The purpose of I Am U Are is to introduce Ukrainian businessmen to American colleagues and investors and build a dialogue for development. 

The fair will be held at Skylight at Essex Crossing and the Ukrainian museum in New York. The exhibition consists of works by Ukrainian artists, to get acquainted with the history of Ukrainian ethnic groups. In addition,  I Am U Are is preparing a presentation on startups. So Americans will be able to get acquainted with more than 10 projects. Reface, Ajax Systems, Obimy, DressX, and Esper Bionics, Ksenia Schneider, Jul, Gunia Project, Lutiki, Guzema Fine Jewelry are among them. All presented projects are related to the formation of modern Ukraine in technology, art, and fashion. The field joined the Diia service, the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine, the Razom for Ukraine charitable foundation and others. 

In addition to the popularisation of Ukrainian brands in the United States, the organisers aim to raise funds for the United24 platform initiated by Zelenskyy.

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