Export of Electrocars from Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Export of Electrocars from Ukraine

Why is it so cheap and why is it wise to invest in it

There are not enough electric cars on the roads of Ukraine, which is proved by a low number of vehicles that have the green certificate. Export of electro cars abroad seems to be the promising thing to do.

The first reason why it's profitable for Ukrainian businessmen to do business with electric cars is its convenience. Electric cars can go up to 160 km on one charge. Export of electro cars is a possibility to reduce traffic jams on the roads as well as gasoline consumption. In addition, electric cars do not have toxic emissions and consume less energy per 100 km compared with gasoline cars.

In most countries in the world, 3 taxes are imposed on exported electrical machines: state duty, excise, and VAT. In Ukraine, taxes are calculated differently: the export of any car costs 5: from the statistical value, plus 1 euro per 1 kilowatt of the engine. That is, the export of an electric car for 570 kilowatts will cost 570 euros. This is is profitable for Ukrainian businessmen, because it gives an opportunity to earn more money and at the same time support people who need green cars.

Ukrainian borders with countries of the EU make logistics fast and comfortable which makes the export of electric cars abroad rather comfortable and simple.

The market for the export of electrocars is still not saturated, so it promises big benefits for businessmen willing to do this kind of business. 


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