Export of Ukrainian Grain Crops to the World Market

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
Export of Ukrainian Grain Crops to the World Market

From 2018 to October 1, 2021, Ukraine exported more than 180 million tons of corn, wheat, and barley

However, the cereal market is not only about corn, wheat, and barley. Ukraine exports 16 major grains and legumes.

Based on the results of the last four years, they can be clearly divided into four groups. The top three grain crops — corn, wheat, and barley — are exported from Ukraine in volumes of more than 1 million tons. Three other crops — peas, sorghum, and millet — have been shipped in volumes of more than 100 thousand tons in recent years.

 Another four crops — chickpeas, beans, oats, rye — are supplied to foreign markets mainly in volumes of more than 10 thousand tons. And six more crops are exported abroad in volumes from several hundred tons to 10 thousand tons: rice, lentils, triticale, broad beans, buckwheat, and canary seeds.

One of the primary sensations of recent years has been a sharp increase in the volume of external supplies of millet. Although the main grain crop of Ukraine today is indeed corn.

In the structure of corn exports, the lion's share falls on the EU, China, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Korea — at the end of 2020, 85.5%.

There are also priority directions in the structure of wheat export. The difference from the corn market is that Ukraine exports grain to Europe in very moderate quantities — only 4%. In recent years, the major importing countries of Ukrainian wheat have been Egypt and Indonesia.

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