Extention of Ukrainian Agroexport for 1 Year More

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Extention of Ukrainian Agroexport for 1 Year More

On 9 May, the European Parliament voted to prolong the import of the Ukrainian products

Ukrainian agricultural products are now exported to European countries without payment of duties. However, the earlier decision was valid until 5 June 2023. That is why the deputies of the legislative and representative body of the European Union revised the issue of trade in Ukrainian agroproducts.

On May 9, during the session, MPs voted to extend the decision to remove import and anti-dumping duties from Ukrainian goods. 537 votes were cast in favour of Ukraine, 42 votes against, and 38 votes abstained. The purpose of such a decision remained unchanged – the EU wants to support Ukraine and reduce its losses due to the Russian military aggression and Ukraine's inability to build import-export relations with the rest of the world because of the war.

"These measures are crucial for strengthening the sustainability of Ukraine as we work to promote the gradual integration of Ukraine into the EU internal market. Our solidarity with Ukraine is consistent, transparent, and unshakeable, and it has been further strengthened as an EU candidate. The future of Ukraine – in the European Union," said the representative of Latvia in the European Parliament, Sandra Kalniete.

The new document did not include industrial goods as they are subject to zero duty from the first day of 2023 under the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

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