Fall Ends, And Russia Continues to Fall

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Fall Ends, And Russia Continues to Fall

Top autumn fakes from Russian propaganda: migrants, The Hague decision, NATO’s coldness, "bad" blood, and punishment for Kherson

Russian propaganda has been working for many years, telling its citizens "convenient" news for the Kremlin. It is a well-known fact that almost all of Russia’s information flow lives in a "parallel universe" because it never coincides with foreign sources. Today we chose the "best fairy tales" that Russian propaganda could come up with in three months of autumn.

NATO is ready to sacrifice Ukraine. This news was heard on the news channels of the aggressor country. The propagandists "in their way" translated the speech of the commander-in-chief of the British army. Russia also added that the UK wants to have an army like Russia. Sanders said that Putin has territorial ambitions that are not limited to Ukraine.

The court of The Hague convicted the Ukrainian side in the crash of Boeing. At the same time, as the whole world learned the verdict in a case with 8-year history, the Russian Federation, in various sources, reported that The Hague was found guilty of the death of 298 people in the Donetsk region — Ukrainians. Can there be anything more insidious and absurd?

Ukraine’s partner countries have transferred infected blood. The Russian disinformation factory also reported that Ukraine was in acute need of donated blood, so it asked for help from foreign partners, including NATO. Russian "journalists" do not indicate how Russia got a sample of such "transferred" blood but report that almost all diseases were found in it. The attempt to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministries of Health, and NATO proved successful only in Russia. After all, Ukraine does not need foreign blood, because the Ukrainian people are always ready to donate blood. Blood banks are often overcrowded, and blood collection has stopped. In addition, there is no evidence that the Ukrainian side has requested or taken foreign blood. The Ukrainian government adds that all blood from the test tubes is carefully checked.

The Red Cross told how Ukrainians punish the residents of Kherson. The Russian media is spreading the news that the Red Cross has posted a photo from the de-occupied Kherson. The photo shows people tied to a pole who was allegedly punished for obeying the Russian army. Note that on the official website of the Red Cross, such reports were not found.

Most Ukrainians hide from the war in Belarus. This legend is spread by 2 armed aggressors — Russia and Belarus. At the beginning of the war, both countries are confident that Ukrainians are waiting for their rescue, and when the war approaches, their homes — move to Russia or Belarus. Thus, several Belarusian media recently circulated information that Poland is not helping Ukraine. The "Fairy tale" says that Ukrainians use the EU country to safely cross the border with Belarus. Note that the Polish side has already replied to this information. Polish government commissioner for protecting the country’s information space Stanislav Zharin said on Twitter that Belarusian propaganda continues to falsify reality and spread false information.

Is it possible to believe anything Russia says about peace talks and the war's end after concessions if they lie even in the daily news?

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