Farmak invest in the development of the company’s digitalization

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Farmak invest in the development of the company’s digitalization

Pharmaceutical company JSC “Farmak” (Kyiv) begins the development of digitalization of the company and improvement of system processes using artificial intelligence to scale the business and consolidate its position in world markets

Farmak is one of the largest exporters of domestic medicines. To scale the business and increase its position in the global market, the company digitalizes all production and management processes.

JSC "Farmak" uses many functional programs such as IT-reporting system, budgeting, production planning, sales, document management, staff evaluation and training, logistics relocations, online storage.

"We are gradually moving to electronic quality certificates, electronic research protocols, electronic files, e-serialization of products, etc. Every day, the system administration department provides 30 physical platforms and more than 150 virtual ones that support business applications," — commented the press service. 

"Farmak", the leader of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, produces drugs in all 14 therapeutic groups. Annually brings to market about 20 new complex modern drugs. Currently in development — about 100 types of drugs. Exports products to more than 25 countries.

Over the past 5 years, Farmak's investments in scientific and technical complex, production equipment, and research activities have reached ₴3.4 billion.

According to the Unified state register of legal entities and entrepreneurs, the ultimate beneficial owner of JSC "Farmak" is the chairman of the supervisory board Filya Zhebrovska, who owns 80% of the company's shares.

The company has 20 production lines that meet GMP requirements. 14 production lines are certified by the European regulatory body.All equipment of leading European brands: Siemens, GEMÜ, AQUAFLOT, SBM, Bosch.

JSC "Farmak" is the Ukrainian manufacturer of drugs of the European level. According to the structure of marketing organizations in each period, due to the high quality of drugs and an innovative approach to production, it has been the leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market since 2010.JSC's "Farmak" portfolio already includes about 400 product dossiers.

The company annually introduces more than 20 new drugs to the market. In 2017 JSC "Farmak" got the import-export award as the best exporter and importer among Ukrainian companies. The enterprise has 19 production lines.

A pharmaceutical quality system has been introduced and is constantly being improved in accordance with the current regulatory requirements and world standards: ISO and GMP. The company undergoes about 15 international inspections and audits annually.

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