Filtration Cellars in Kherson Houses

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 9, 2022
Filtration Cellars in Kherson Houses

Russian military tortured people with Ukrainian positions in basements

Recently, Kherson was called the "city of silent terror". But on May 6, the locals began to report atrocities organized by Russian war criminals.

Ukrainian vocalist Anastasiia Drozdovska reported that her mother may have become a target for Russian soldiers. According to the story, Anastasia’s mother was on her way home and saw several cars with Russian soldiers. The occupiers opened a cellar and took their Ukrainian men with the Ukrainian position. Russian soldiers began searching houses and cars, checking the phones of residents of Kherson. 

Now the occupiers want to break up the civilian population and force them to accept the fact that they belong to the territory of Russia. Therefore, in Kherson, more and more often, there are filtration camps and cellars for torture.

It also became known that in Mariupol, such criminal operations are carried out. In Mariupol, about 100 thousand civilians remained. Over 25.000 dead, but it’s not definitive. It is also known that almost 400 people were taken to the territory of the unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic and Russia.

"Undercover evacuation from Azovstal Russians do not finish their inhuman deeds. Just yesterday (May 6 — Ed.), 373 people were deported from Mariupol, who is in the filtration camp in Bezymiane," said adviser of Mariupol mayor Petro Andriushchenko.

Also, the city council of Mariupol reported a terrible incident that happened to a local boy. The Russian soldiers kept the minor in a filtration camp for 15 days. He was tortured, beaten, and threatened with death.

"He was taken as a prisoner. He’s athletic. They beat him, strangle him, say, "Confess, you’re a territorially defensive fighter of the Azov regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces. Playing with human lives," said the boy’s mother Maria.

Now Donetsk and Kherson regions need support in the form of heavy weapons. Because Russians bully Ukrainians regardless of age and gender. Earlier, we talked about a four-year-old girl without a mother for the same reason.

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