Financing of Ukrainian Startups

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 6, 2021
Financing of Ukrainian Startups

Another “Pitch Day” was held in Ukraine, where 11 participants presented their ideas and startups. The Ukrainian Startup Fund has decided to finance five of them, for a total of $125.000

The winners were 5 companies with exciting ideas, let's consider which ones.

The winner is the project from Lviv. 

Noty is a repository of meeting data, so you can quickly get any information in seconds by simply asking questions. A platform that turns video calls into action. It transcribes meetings and summarizes them so that users can remain fully involved during the meeting and have ready-made results and minutes of follow-up immediately after the meeting. The program is used for internal meetings of remote teams, sales, customer discovery, etc. The program works with the help of artificial intelligence: speech-to-text and NLP technologies. Note support English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French.

The second winner was a project from Dnipro called WheelKeep. This invisible onboard computer will help cycling enthusiasts protect their bikes from theft and gain freedom in daily riding. It consists of a smart device and a mobile application. The product consists of a hardware module and a mobile application. The module is mounted in the steering column of the bike, which makes it completely invisible from the outside, and the application displays the necessary information and provides convenient control of the system. If someone touches the bike without the owner’s knowledge, he will receive a push notification on the smartphone. In case of theft, a simplified bicycle return system is provided through integration with the police. In addition, the system has the function of a cycling computer.

The next winner was an exciting startup called This is a voice bot for sales with elements of artificial intelligence. Calls customers, analyze their words and responds to the given scenario. Voice bots are used for lead generation, sales, customer returns, feedback collection, and NPS surveys. They work on both the incoming and outgoing lines, helping to quickly develop large customer bases and save marketing and payroll budgets. 

The next project is called AdMarket. An offline advertising marketplace helps businesses manage advertising campaigns by implementing technical innovations in search, planning, and purchasing processes. AdMarket solves the problems of the traditional advertising market. It provides online access to many communication channels and contains information on the availability and characteristics of different planes. You can create and pay for an advertising campaign in minutes. You can also visualize advertising campaigns on the map and get reports with all the critical indicators of the selected areas. 

And closes the ranking of winners a startup from developers from Kyiv called Connect 21. A platform of psychologists and psychiatrists who will be in touch with you 24/7. Here you can find the right specialist with specialized higher education or choose a therapeutic group. To improve their skills, Colleagues offer the purchase of special courses. The platform has a council of specialists, such as a psychologist + psychiatrist, + neurologist, in one place. There is a possibility of a 20-minute free dating meeting to choose your specialist. For psychologists, it is a convenient and flexible technical pantry. Ability to have everything in one place: from the client's record and homework consultations.

Note that the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine initiates the Ukrainian Startup Fund. The foundation's mission is to promote the creation and development of technology startups in the early stages to increase their global competitiveness.

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