Finland Allocates Another €8 Mln to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Finland Allocates Another €8 Mln to Ukraine

The government approved a new military aid package and called on the world to be ready for long-term support to Ukraine

On October 7, at the summit of the European Political Community in Prague, Sanna Marin received a question about how the conflict in Ukraine could end. To which the prime minister replied: "The way out of that conflict — is Russia to leave Ukraine."

On October 4, a parliamentary meeting was held, and it was decided to send a new military aid package to Ukraine. The Finnish edition writes this of Finland TOPNews.MEDIA, referring to its defence minister Antti Kaikkonen. This would be the ninth batch of weapons intended for the country's armed forces that the Russian Federation destroys with terrorist acts. New weapons assistance is in the final assembly stage and will soon be sent to Ukraine. The announced aid package will be the 9th for 8 months into the war. It will cost €8.3 million. What weapons will be transferred to Ukraine remains a secret.

Finnish defence minister Antti Kaikkonen also said that the world should help Ukraine further.

"He (the new package of military aid — ed.) is unlikely to be the last. We must be ready to support Ukraine for a long time," the politician said.

Overall, during the eight months of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Finland provided approximately €93 million in aid to Ukraine.

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