Finland Arrested Russian Property for €189 Mln

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 15, 2022
Finland Arrested Russian Property for €189 Mln

As part of the sanctions packages against the aggressor country, Finland froze tangible and intangible assets for an amount almost twice the summer figure

The Finnish media Uutiset published information, citing the Finnish Bailiffs service, regarding the amount of Russian property that fell under the sanctions. According to the Bailiffs service, Finland seized the property of several dozen Russian organizations for about €189 million. It is noteworthy that in June, this amount was around €80 million. Thus, the number of tangible (real estate, art, raw materials, cars) and intangible (accounts receivable, shares and cash in accounts) more than doubled. Today, work is underway on about 200 types of temporary and permanent confiscation.

"Investigations by the bailiffs have progressed and will continue. This task is long-term and complex. In addition, new defendants have been added to the EU sanctions list," Aki Virtanen, specialist of the Bailiffs service.

As part of the confidentiality guarantee, the Bailiffs service does not disclose the names and titles of assets that have been sanctioned. However, these are still the same names from the EU sanctions list.

We remind you that Lithuania has frozen Russian assets in the accounts of its banks in the amount of about €80 million.

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