Finland Donates Combat Boats to Ukraine, Training to Occur in Romania

by Cheplyk Roman
Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Finland Donates Combat Boats to Ukraine, Training to Occur in Romania

Finland has contributed a number of combat boats to Ukraine, enhancing the latter’s naval capabilities amidst ongoing conflicts

To prepare for the operation of these vessels, 50 Ukrainian military personnel are set to undergo specialized training in Romania. This development was detailed by the Romanian news portal "Defense and Security Monitor."

The training and subsequent handover process involve the boats being initially delivered to Romania, where the Romanian military will facilitate the training of Ukrainian forces. Following this phase, the boats will be transported to Ukraine. The Finnish Ministry of Defense, in a communication to its Romanian counterpart, expressed the intent to transfer this equipment to Ukraine and requested Romania's assistance in both the transit of these boats through Romanian territory and in organizing training sessions for the Ukrainian crews.

Finnish requests also extended to providing material and technical support for the Ukrainian personnel, including necessities such as accommodation, transport, food, and fuel for the operation of the boats, all to be offered free of charge.

While specifics regarding the type of boats were not disclosed to the Romanian Parliament by President Klaus Iohannis, it's suggested that the equipment mirrors the landing craft provided by Sweden, known for their similar utility. This assumption is supported by past contributions to Ukraine's naval capabilities by countries like Great Britain, Sweden, and the United States. Notably, Sweden's recent donation included 10 CB-90 landing craft, 20 high-speed G-boats, and underwater weaponry.

Finnish state television and radio company Yle, citing a Romanian source, confirmed the donation but noted the Finnish authorities have kept the details of the military aid to Ukraine confidential.

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