Finland to Tighten Sanctions Against Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, August 27, 2022
Finland to Tighten Sanctions Against Russia

The prime minister of Finland called for even more restrictive sanctions

Yle reported that Sanna Marin, on the eve of a new discussion of the package of sanctions against the aggressor country that attacked Ukraine, called on the leaders of other countries to be stricter. The prime minister of Finland believes that there are no problems related to energy sanctions. European countries cannot agree, so the energy transition issues are protracted. She also focused on the cause of Russia's war against Ukraine. Marin believes that everyone should question whether the war could have been avoided. In particular, pay attention to the lack of reaction to the Kremlin's actions in 2014.

"Sanctions against Russia should be strengthened. We should be bold and protect your democrats," the politician said.

On 23 August, Sanna Marin also announced the need to strengthen sanctions at a meeting with ambassadors in Helsinki.

"Sanctions against Russia will be continued and even strengthened," said the prime minister of Finland.

Marin noted that the rapprochement of Finland with NATO and the Baltic countries will help prevent any aggression from Russia. Sanna Marin urged the world not to create ties with authoritarian countries that could lead to aggression, such as Russia's toward Ukraine and the world.

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