Finns Warm Up Ukrainian Soldiers From Evil Forces

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 8, 2022
Finns Warm Up Ukrainian Soldiers From Evil Forces

Finnish volunteers tied 20.000 wool socks for Ukrainian soldiers

In Finland, there is a story that wool socks tied by hand can protect against evil spirits. Therefore, new wool socks appear every year in Finns families, mainly in the New Year — the best gift. Remembering the Russian aggression in their country, the Finns supported Ukraine and even fulfilled one of the requests of the Ukrainian army. 

"The Finns understand that Ukraine is passing now. We all know this. Finns well remember Russian aggression and occupation. Although it wasn't as cruel as it was in Ukraine. We fought with Russia, and they too tried to destroy us, took Karelia, destroyed Karelian culture totally," the organisation of the charity process Dalia Stasevskaya.

Stasevskaya works as a conductor in Finland, but she was born in Ukraine. Therefore, from the first days of the war, she assists the Ukrainian military. Early on, five SUVs were purchased for the Ukrainian army. This time, planning a trip to Ukraine, she asked the Finnish people to tie socks to protect the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the cold winter and evil forces. The volunteer organized a humanitarian relief campaign with the help of a local newspaper. The girl notes that she expected to receive no more than 1.000 socks from people. However, residents of Finland tied 20.000 pairs of socks for Ukrainian defenders.

In early October, Stasevskaya brought only 10.000 socks to Lviv — the girl did not expect that the response of the Finns will be large. She will hand the remaining "protection" to the Ukrainian army next time.

It is noted that all socks are unique and do not repeat, tied from real wool threads. The following humanitarian aid will arrive in a few weeks, together with the 6 automo purchased for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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