First AI App for Barbell Training in Ukraine

by Mila Glushchenko
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
First AI App for Barbell Training in Ukraine

"Professional Weightlifting" — the first AI mobile application that helps athletes to train

The World Championship medalist and repeated European weightlifting champion, Ukrainian Dmitry Chumak launched his Professional Weightlifting application, which helps professional and amateur weightlifters to train. Powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision, it analyzes barbell workouts, it is downloadable for iOS and Android.

Dmitry Chumak wanted to create a mobile application that would help athletes train, and the IT company Powercode will help him realize the" rel="dofollow">idea.

There are no similar applications for sports in Ukraine today. Now the Professional Weightlifting application is at the MVP (minimum viable product) stage. Users can upload a video of a workout with a barbell for 10 seconds into it, and it will show the trajectory of lifting the barbell. The smart system allows creating individual exercise workload for each user, thus, increasing its effectiveness with every training.

Users just need to place their best results on each exercise so the system can analyze them and calculate their further individual load. The system analyzes data after every training. Depending on the user’s performance indicators, it increases or reduces the workload and corrects mistakes in working with the barbell (movement pattern, vertical velocity, etc.).

Main features:

  • Barbell path — helps to detect mistakes in working with a barbell and correct them;
  • Individual correction of mistakes in working with a barbell based on the uploaded video analysis;
  • Tracking weight range and training effectiveness dynamic;
  • Adding notes to each training;
  • The first five workouts, as well as a 7-day diet in the application are offered for free;
  • The Nutrition feature for creating an individual nutrition plan. It helps develop the most effective nutrition plan based on your preferences (daily calorie intake, products, portion weight for each meal).

At this stage, the application also includes a selection of training loads and an exercise system. Also, it includes a nutrition plan developed for weightlifting athletes — depending on what they want to achieve. It’s also possible to track the dynamics of your weight change and the effectiveness of your workouts on charts and reports, add notes about it.

In the next version, the developers are going to add a complete workout analysis, with numbers and voice prompts.

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