First Educational Platform for Eco-Startups Launched in Ukraine

by Anna Gayduk
Thursday, November 25, 2021
First Educational Platform for Eco-Startups Launched in Ukraine

“Greencubator” launches its own educational platform for green entrepreneurs and announces first student recruitment

Greencubator.Academy, which will teach for free how to create and run an environmentally friendly business. The enrollment of the first students has already opened and will last until December 12, 2021.

The main task of the platform is to provide Ukrainian climate innovators with access to high-quality business education in Ukrainian and help them take the first step in real business. The platform provides several training courses covering green entrepreneurs, communities, small and medium-sized corporations.

Registration for a training course for green startups is already available at Greencubator.Academy. It is designed for eco-activists and eco-innovators who have their own "green" idea and dream of making it a profitable business.

The course consists of an open and closed part. The open part is available to everyone. It will talk about progress as a result of solving a problem, the role of founders, market segmentation, choosing a starting segment, and the deal, i.e. value proposition that the startup creates for the client.

The closed part of the course will be available only to students who have passed the open part and have successfully completed a number of homework assignments. She will cover topics such as a business proposition, customer research, lean canva, and a review of the theoretic part of the assignments.

At the end of the course, students will not only be given certificates or diplomas of successful learning. They will have a realistic business plan for starting their green entrepreneurship. And in order to strengthen the ability and capabilities of students, a number of closed events will be held as part of the course, designed to acquaint future startups with the existing practices of running a "green" business, the experience of already implemented startups, and potential investors.

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