First Electronic Auctions for Lease of Land in Kharkiv Region

by Anna Gayduk
Friday, October 29, 2021

The electronic auctions for the lease of communal land will take place in the beginning of November in the “Prozorro.Sales” system

According to the reporters, in particular, Tavrychanka village council of Kakhovka district of the Kherson region will lease its plots.

On November 9, an auction will be held for the sale of the right to lease for 2.1 years 2.1 hectares of land intended for other agricultural use. The starting price is $133.6.

On November 10, a 6.6-hectare plot of land intended for haymaking and cattle grazing will be leased. The lease term is also 7 years. The starting price of the monthly fee is $131.8.

The third auction of Tavrychanka village council is scheduled for November 11. A 19.64-hectare plot of land located on the territory of the former Zaozerne village council will be leased. The starting price is $1.812. Lease term — 7 years.

"We invite potential tenants to participate in the auction on the site of the Ukrainian universal exchange. Follow the links to register. Site managers will explain all the details of the auctions for the sale and lease of land, as well as accompany the preparation. To search for land lots in the desired region, we advise you to use a special Land bot in Telegram app" informs the director of Ukrainian universal exchange Serhiy Hladkyy.

The law of Ukraine On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the sale of land plots and acquisition of the right to their use through electronic auctions stipulates that state and communal lands for both industrial and agricultural purposes or for development will be sold and leased exclusively by electronic auctions through the electronic trading system.

This format of bidding will not only provide more land sold or leased but also increase the value of the object during the auctions due to fair competition. And these result in additional funds to community budgets.

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