First Garbage-Catching System Installed in Ukraine

by Anna Gayduk
Friday, November 26, 2021
First Garbage-Catching System Installed in Ukraine

A new technology for water treatment appeared and was installed on the Uda river in Kharkiv

Trash Killer is a unique development that has no analogues in Ukraine. The system will soon begin its important mission on the Zhykhorsk Dam.

“We did it” commented proudly the achievement Artem Prykhodko, the initiator of the action Pure Woods.

The hydraulic structure was manufactured at the Frunze plant in Kharkiv. It is completely covered with an anti-corrosion coating.

Currently, experts are continuing to install a pontoon chain. It is designed to send garbage to the trap basket.

In addition, the location was equipped with video surveillance. The grand opening and launch will take place on Friday, November 26.

It is timely to recall that last summer, July 14, 2021, there were "islands" of bottles on Udda river, the event that the residents of the Kharkiv region called a true ecological catastrophe.

That is when a large-scale cleaning of the polluted river from tons of garbage took place in  the Babai village.

Artem Prykhodko organized the cleaning of the water body with the help of the team of divers of the State Emergency Service and volunteers.

More than 50 tons of waste were collected from the bottom and the river bank that summer, two garbage islands out of three were almost completely removed.

The Uda river basin occupies the territory of the central economic region of Kharkiv region, a region with a widely developed manufacturing and light industry, building materials industry and machine-building complex. There are three cities benefiting from the basin: Kharkiv, Dergachi, Lubotyn, 23 urban-type settlements and 242 rural settlements. The agricultural specialization of the basin includes grain farming, vegetable growing, meat and dairy farming, poultry farming, production of fruit and berry products.

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