Fish Industry of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 22, 2021
Fish Industry of Ukraine

Ukraine is located on two seas and has many rivers at its disposal. Thus, the country has access to both marine and freshwater fish

In general, according to statistical reports, last year 20.2 thousand tons of fish were grown. Including:

  • Herbivores 7.8 thousand tons;
  • Salmon 0.3 thnd tons;
  • Som 0.1  thnd  tons;
  • Sturgeon 0.1  thnd tons;
  • Other types 2.2  thnd tons.

Also common are fish farms that raise fish that are not found in the waters of Ukraine. For example, salmon. At the moment, about 3.600 fish farms exist in Ukraine, where trout is being bred on an area of 6.300 hectares of fish ponds.

Fish farming is concentrated in the drainage basin of the Dnipro, which accounts for over 60% of fish production in Ukraine. For example, fish farms are widespread throughout the Kyiv region, Zaporizhia region, and Crimea. Among the leaders in the cultivation of salmon, species are the southern regions.  In addition to fresh and frozen, there are many fish processing enterprises in Ukraine. In such factories, fresh fish becomes canned food, fish products, preparations for fast food, and crabs become crab sticks and crab products.

It is interesting that at present Ukraine fish farms fish are being exported to European and African countries. Only 1-2 tons of fish can be bought for $10.000 — $12.000, while at fish farming fish products cost about 30% higher. Thus, it is possible to increase profits by 40%.



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