Flagships of Foreign Business Ready to Invest in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 12, 2022
Flagships of Foreign Business Ready to Invest in Ukraine

The Ministry of the economy of Ukraine has started negotiations on entering the Ukrainian market for "MUFG" and "JP Morgan Chase"

As part of a business visit to New York, the minister of the economy of Ukraine, Yulia Sviridenko and her team held substantive dialogues on strategic partnerships with international business titans.

"The flagships of the world business are ready for a serious substantive dialogue on the potential involvement in investment projects. For its part, Ukraine will do everything possible to ensure that each company receives high-quality, comprehensive support at all stages of its involvement. Inside the state, we create conditions for businesses to develop. These are deregulation, labour market reforms, quick investment mechanisms, developments for further tax reform," Yulia Sviridenko.

According to minister Sviridenko, Ukraine has begun to prepare the ground for direct investment in our state. The priority measures were to reduce the state's role in business and capital investments, the volume of which will amount to about $750 billion in the future.

The team of the Ministry of economy of Ukraine began a dialogue with the Japanese offices of the banking holding MUFG (the volume of assets is more than $3 trillion) and JP Morgan Chase (the book of assets is more than $3.8 trillion). During the dialogue, the issue of attracting experts from these corporations to study the investment potential was raised. According to Sviridenko, MUFG and JP Morgan Chase found this proposal interesting and will soon create an expert group for analytical research work in Ukraine.

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