Forced Russian School Program or Deprivation of Apartments

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 22, 2022
Forced Russian School Program or Deprivation of Apartments

The occupiers in the Kherson region began to threaten residents who do not want to send their children to schools with Russian curricula

On August 20, the head of the Kherson military administration, Yaroslav Yanushevych, reported new details about the lives of Ukrainians under occupation. The communication concerned the educational process, which should soon be launched throughout the country, including in the occupied parts of the country. Let us recall that the occupiers in all the occupied territories want to introduce a training program approved by Moscow. At the same time, all classes will be conducted remotely.

"In the Kherson region, Russians pressure parents who do not give their children to study in the captured schools. From September in the captured educational institutions of the region, invaders plan to start the academic year on Russian programs. Families who refuse to give their children such education are threatened with eviction and confiscation of property," Yaroslav Yanushevych.

According to Yanushevych’s statement, the occupation authorities warned all parents of schoolchildren about the fines and penalties that are provided for the absence of a special statement. The Russian occupiers want a written document from each parent giving consent to the Russian school curriculum. The invaders warned the people of the punishment:

  • A fine of $2.500 for failure to report by the stated deadline;
  • Dispossession for those who ignore demands.
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