Foreigners Raised More Than $62 Million for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Foreigners Raised More Than $62 Million for Ukraine

Ukrainian initiative "United24" for 2 months, received donations from 6 countries

On May 5, 2022, the Ukrainian government launched the program United24. The program's main goal is to raise funds to help Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war. At the end of June, the first collections were summarized.

According to the information from the platform, the leaders of financial transfers were made by Ukrainians and residents of 5 other countries. The foreign aid came from:

  • Germany;
  • The United States of America;
  • Canada;
  • France;
  • The United Kingdom.

The total donation was $62.864.493. The highest donation was $1.000.

What will be used for this money is decided by the donors themselves. They could support the financial process:

  • Demining and defense of Ukraine;
  • Reconstruction of the country;
  • Medical support.

Ukrainians sent the largest number of funds (70%) to the country's defense. Other donations equally covered medical (15%) and rehabilitation (15%).

The Americans contributed 50% of all donations to the defense and demining of Ukraine. Another 40% of the donations were made for medical care, and 10% of the donations went to post-war construction.

The British sent 60% of the aid to improve the defense and security of the country that Russia attacked. Donations for medical care amounted to 35% of all British contributions. 5% of the funds were donated by people to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Canada and France made almost identical choices. Residents of both countries transferred money to improve protection in Ukraine — this accounted for 60% of all donations. Canada also allocated 35% to medicine and 5% to recovery. France made 5% fewer donations to improve first aid but more funds (10%) for post-war reconstruction.

The Germans are radically different from other donors. German residents have allocated 65% to medical care and only 25% to the defense of Ukraine. The remaining 10% were intended for reconstruction of the destroyed by Russian soldiers.

Representatives of United24 note that 89 countries of the world take part in donations. The site has appeared with bout 300 regular investors.

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