Former Pentagon Employee Discusses Deployment of French Legionnaires to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, May 6, 2024
Former Pentagon Employee Discusses Deployment of French Legionnaires to Ukraine

Steven Brien, a military expert and former Pentagon employee, reported that the first contingent of 100 French legionnaires has already been deployed to Ukraine, according to Asian Time

These troops, from the 3rd French Infantry Regiment of the Foreign Legion, are stationed in Slovyansk to support the 54th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, primarily in artillery and observation roles. Brien notes that France intends to send a total of about 1,500 legionnaires to assist Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian offensive in Donbas.

The decision by France to send legionnaires, as highlighted by Brien, represents a significant but nuanced commitment to Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron has discussed the potential for deploying troops for several months, garnering support mainly from Poland and the Baltic states. The use of the Foreign Legion — composed mostly of non-French citizens — allows Macron to navigate domestic and international sensitivities effectively.

Brien also points out that France's move is partly a reaction to Russian activities in Africa, where French interests, particularly in mining, have been negatively impacted by Russian private military companies. This deployment, while significant, is framed by Macron under strict conditions: ensuring that the deployment does not escalate into broader conflict and that it directly counters threats to European security posed by Russian actions.

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