France Sent Mobile DNA Laboratories “LAB’ADN” to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 15, 2022
France Sent Mobile DNA Laboratories “LAB’ADN” to Ukraine

To bring Russia to justice for crimes against Ukraine as soon as possible, France contributed €500.000 for the work of the ICC

The French Ministry of foreign affairs has published a statement on actions to help Ukraine collect a good base and bring to justice everyone who is guilty of the war against Ukraine. In particular, France transferred to Ukraine unique mobile laboratories of its own design LAB'ADN. The state also made half a million contributions to the International Criminal Court to continue the investigation of the crime of Russia and Russians against Ukraine.

"In accordance with the instructions of the president of the Republic, the Ministry of the interior and overseas territories and the Ministry for Europe and foreign affairs remain fully mobilized to provide concrete support to the efforts made in this direction by the Ukrainian authorities and by the International Criminal Court," the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mobile DNA laboratories have been handed over to the general prosecutor's office of Ukraine and are already used for express DNA testing.

"This LAB'ADN, similar to the one deployed in the field by the French forensic support mission of the IRCGN and financed by the Ministry for Europe and foreign affairs, is a projectable device without equivalent in the world of genetics. A medico-legal system allows rapid genetic analysis of a high quantity of biological samples. It was developed by the French company TRACIP (Deveryware group) in conjunction with the IRCGN, an expert in the identification of victims (sampling and DNA processing) and the collection of evidence."

We remind you that France sent experts from the Institute for criminal studies of the National gendarmerie to Ukraine, who collected, preserved and are now analyzing evidence of Russian war crimes against Ukraine. Now the results of the analyzes will be included in the criminal cases opened by Ukraine.

"In solidarity with the Ukrainian people, France will continue to support the fight against impunity in Ukraine," the MFA of France.

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