France’s Extensive Military Support to Ukraine Surpasses €3.8 Billion

by Cheplyk Roman
Monday, March 4, 2024
France’s Extensive Military Support to Ukraine Surpasses €3.8 Billion

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has detailed the comprehensive military support provided to Ukraine since the onset of the full-scale war, highlighting France’s significant contribution to Ukraine’s defense capabilities

From February 24, 2022, to December 31, 2023, France has delivered military equipment valued at approximately €2.615 billion, supplemented by an additional €1.2 billion funneled through the European Peace Fund, cumulating in over €3.8 billion in aid.

Key Highlights of France's Support

France's military aid encompasses a wide range of advanced weaponry and equipment, affirming its role as a pivotal supporter of Ukraine's defense efforts. Notable artillery contributions include six TRF1 guns, 30 Caesar howitzers, and ten 120 mm mortars, alongside a substantial delivery of armored vehicles, including 38 AMX10 RC light tanks and 250 combat and medical armored personnel carriers.

In the domain of air defense, France has equipped Ukraine with two Crotale NG systems, six Mistral MANPADS, one SAMP/T system, and one CM200 radar, although specific details regarding the missile quantities remain classified. Additionally, France has provided ten drone detectors, 160 reconnaissance drones, and a significant cache of small arms and ammunition, including 10.5 thousand grenades, 1.74 million 12.7 mm cartridges, and 30 thousand 155 mm shells for the artillery systems.

Training Initiatives and Confidential Contributions

The Ministry also underscored France's dedication to training, with nearly 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers receiving training within the Polish and French military frameworks. While certain aspects of France's military aid, such as the quantity of SCALP air-to-ground missiles, are kept confidential, the disclosed contributions paint a picture of France's robust and multifaceted support for Ukraine amidst its ongoing conflict.

This extensive aid package from France to Ukraine not only underscores the strategic military assistance provided but also reflects the broader commitment of European nations to supporting Ukraine's sovereignty and defense capabilities in the face of aggression.

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