Francis Visited Ukrainian Children 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, April 30, 2023
Francis Visited Ukrainian Children 

On April 29, Hungary hosted a meeting of refugee children from Ukraine and the Pope

On April 29, in the church of St. Elizabeth was held a meeting of about 600 refugees, some of them children, who were taken out of Ukraine, saving them from the war, and Pope Francis. The day before, on April 28, Pope arrived in Budapest and warned his listeners against the rise of nationalism in Europe.

"We were accepted here, and we found a new home, but many suffered and are still suffering because of the war," Oleh Yakovlev, a Ukrainian who took his wife and children out of the Dnipro city because Russian bombs destroyed their house

"Even in the midst of pain and suffering, having received the balm of love, we gain the courage necessary to move forward: we find the strength to believe that not everything is lost and that another future is possible," the Pope.

Francis also said that all people deserve help and compassion. Even non-believers.

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