Free Zone of Service Exchange of Services Ukraine-Israel

Monday, November 1, 2021

Negotiations on the next level of free-market relationship between the two powers will begin in 2022

According to the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Mykhvylo Brodsky, negotiations on free trade between Ukraine and Israel will begin in 2022.

“On January 1 of this year, an agreement on a free trade zone entered into force, removing duties on a rather long list of goods that will be supplied from Ukraine to Israel and from Israel to Ukraine. Next year, we will begin negotiations on another agreement - an FTZ, which will concern services »Brodsky.

One of the strategic topics will be IT.

“For Israel today, Ukraine is a strategic direction in terms of outsourcing our services, more than 40% of Israel's outsourcing in the field of high technologies goes to Ukraine,” said Mikhail Brodsky.

In part, the agreement on the free exchange of services will also apply to the medical field. According to the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, free cooperation between Ukraine and Israel will cover many areas.

“Most likely, it will be a general agreement that will cover different services in different areas,” Mykhailo Brodsky summed up.

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