From Bar — to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, June 5, 2023
From Bar — to Ukraine

Latvia handed over to Ukraine 66 cars seized from drunken Latvians 

The State insurance fund of Latvia reports that the state handed over 66 cars seized from drunk drivers and handed them to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In February 2023, was announced the intention to transfer to Ukraine the cars of drivers who were under the influence, in a drugged state or refused to pass the relevant inspection. The state parliament voted for changes to the criminal code and adopted the Iaw On support of the civilian population of Ukraine, according to which the innovations came into force. From now on, to prevent emergencies on the roads of Latvia and help the Ukrainian fight against Russian aggression, the cars will be handed over to the Ukrainian government.

It is reported that Ukraine has already received the first 66 cars. 5 more cars were confiscated in the last week, and soon they will also be handed over to the needs of Ukraine.

"This is one of the ways Latvia helps Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression," reports the State insurance fund of Latvia.

In addition to confiscating the car, another option is available — charging the violator of the total value of this car.

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