From early 2021, Ukraine opened 8 new markets and approved 63 product positions in 11 states and international organizations

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

New export markets in China, Singapore, Vietnam, EU, South Africa and Indonesia are being opened

According to Vladislav Magaletskaya, head of the State Service for food safety and consumer protection, in the last six months markets have been opened in Libya, UAE, Argentina, Japan, which will become importers of Ukrainian dairy products. There is a supply of eggs, UAE cattle, Serbia animal protein, Lithuania plant protection products with Ethiopia.

"An important priority for us is work on opening up new markets for export of Ukrainian products. These are new jobs for Ukrainians and tax revenues to the state budget," commented Magaletskaya.

On 13 April 2021, with the termination of the Veterinary cooperation Agreement, new trade rules with the CIS countries will enter into force. Therefore, according to the State commodity service 63 positions in 11 States and cross-border economic organizations have been reassigned. Cooperation agreements with Singapore and South Korea have also been re-signed.

The European Commission has conducted an official audit to control the production and certification of dairy products for export to the EU. Since 20 March, exports of poultry products to the European Union have been restored, as all measures have been taken in advance to recognize the European Union’s zoning of Ukraine for highly pathogenic poultry influenza.

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