From June $25 Million to Spend by Persian Gulf Tourists in Ukraine

Thursday, July 15, 2021
From June $25 Million to Spend by Persian Gulf Tourists in Ukraine

Flights from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman to Ukraine continue to break occupancy records. Revenues to the budget of Ukraine due to such tourism can exceed $100 million per season

Masses of tourists from the Persian Gulf fly to Ukraine. From the beginning of June to mid-July more than 10 thousand Arab tourists came to Kyiv. Also, direct flights between Saudi Arabia and Odesa are now being launched.

An important factor that ensures interest in Ukraine is its favorable climate. After all, in the summer in Saudi Arabia, the temperature exceeds +55 degrees, which is dangerous for health. Therefore, such tourists can cool down in Ukrainian cities.

According to Anton Taranenko, head of the association of participants of the tourism market of Ukraine Visit Ukraine, the Ukrainian economy has already earned about $25 mln on the attraction of Eastern tourists.

The average bill of such a foreigner — about $500 a day, which includes accommodation in a 5-star hotel — said Taranenko.

Tourists from the Persian Gulf countries usually stay in Ukraine for 5-7 days. That is why they potentially leave $2,5 thousand for the trip.

Kyiv now hosts 500 to 700 Arabs a day, and this is directly related to an increase in the number of both direct and transit flights.

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