“Fun” Weekend for the Most Jewish City of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 11, 2022
“Fun” Weekend for the Most Jewish City of Ukraine

April 10, Russian missiles attacked Dnipro 10 times

For the residents of the Dnipro and the region, last weekend turned out to be the most nervous and scary. On April 9, in the city, almost all day sounded alarmed. People had the opportunity to leave the shelter for no more than 30-40 minutes.

As soon as the night came and the people were preparing for the passage of Saturday on Sunday, Russia began to attack the Dnipro region from the sky. The night attack damaged the industrial zone and infrastructure.

Residents of the Dnipro hoped for a quiet Sunday, as the Russians always attacked the city while the people are the most unprotected — sleep at night.

But the Russians continued firing rockets in the morning and afternoon. The occupiers struck again at the main airport of the Dnipro. Note that this is not the first attack on the airport. On February 24 and in mid-March, the occupiers struck the airport. Another strike on this object completely destroyed it and accessed roads. As a result of the missile strikes in the morning, a fire began. While firefighters tried to extinguish the flame of the mine not to allow its to spread to a nearby field, the Russians struck the city once more time. The new missiles fell back into the airport. 

The fragments wounded the rescue team. To date, in Dnipro, 6 of the injured and one woman are in serious condition — Yevheniia Dudka, spokesman for the state emergency services.

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