German Defense Concern Builds Plants to Help Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 3, 2023
German Defense Concern Builds Plants to Help Ukraine

"Rheinmetall" is building a service-logistics facility in Romania to repair military vehicles damaged in Ukraine

The German concern Rheinmetall supported Ukraine from the very beginning of the war and was one of the first to put pressure on Olaf Scholz with a demand to provide Ukraine with heavy equipment. Now Rheinmetall is building a service and logistics centre in the vicinity of the Romanian Satu Mare near the border with Ukraine. The launch is scheduled for April, and this centre will repair equipment damaged in the battles in Ukraine. In particular, howitzers, Leopard 2 and Challenger tanks, Marder/Fuchs and other armoured vehicles. A similar centre with a similar purpose, Rheinmetall built in Lithuania. In the future, both centres will also serve NATO equipment, which, after repairs, will be sent back to Ukraine.

"Rheinmetall is working hard to establish a maintenance and logistics centre in Romania, a NATO partner country," Rheinmetall spokesman.

According to an anonymous representative of Rheinmetall, this centre will "play a central role in maintaining the operational readiness of Western combat systems in service with Ukraine and in ensuring their logistics."

"A key challenge for us at Rheinmetall is to provide NATO and Ukraine forces with the best possible support in this critical situation," Rheinmetall president Armin Papperger. 

We remind you that Herr Papperger was recently in Ukraine and spoke with president Zelenskyy.

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