German “Horsch” Invests €5 million in a Ukrainian Representative Office

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
German “Horsch” Invests €5 million in a Ukrainian Representative Office

Today, for “Horsch” Ukraine is the number one market for the export of grain and row-crop seeders, as the minister of agrarian policy and food Roman Leshchenko wrote on his Facebook page

Horsch's investment in a Ukrainian office will help increase the number of jobs with the ability to provide farmers with quality training. Also, such an investment will improve technology, localize production, logistics solutions, and improve the quality of services provided.

He emphasized that Ukraine receives advanced technologies, exchange of experience, and long-term partnerships with industry leaders.

“For me as a minister, along with the improvement of the investment climate, the issue of increasing the competitiveness of domestic producers in the world market is urgent. The Ukrainian agricultural sector is capable of great success with proper support. The task of our ministry is to do everything so that the industry, which actually feeds the country, receives at least 1% of GDP from state support,” added Roman Leshchenko.

Among Horsch's many plans for Ukraine, one of the central ones is the construction of a plant here.

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