Germans Consider Ending Support for Ukraine the Enormous Stupidity of the Year

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 23, 2023
Germans Consider Ending Support for Ukraine the Enormous Stupidity of the Year

"Gleimhaus" Museum announced the winner of the seasonal nomination "Stupidity of the year"

In 2023, one of the oldest literary museums in Germany, which had previously been the home of the Enlightenment poet Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim, offered to host the competition every year. The essence of the competition is to choose the "stupidity of the year" that occurred in Germany in 2022. The contest participants had to send a letter with a story about the absurd event of the last year and support it with proof documentation.

The Gleimhaus Museum opened the first call for applications in January and received almost 100 stories that Germany found foolish. Among the letters were arguments relating to events in Ukraine. Halle Hall Craftsmen Association wrote to Olaf Scholz. On 17 August 2022, an open letter called the chancellor to end his support for Ukraine was issued. The Association of Craftsmen said that Germany's support is prolonging the war and all residents are against providing aid to Ukraine.

"Sanctions against Russia harm Germany and reduce the quality of life of the country's population," the open letter authors wrote.

The jury of the oldest museum, Gleimhaus, evaluated all the applications received and decided that the letter on the cessation of support for Kyiv in countering the Russian aggression is the hugest stupidity of the year.

It should be noted that many experts and politicians believe that if the Russian Federation captured Ukraine, other countries would also be subject to aggression. Now the Ukrainian military is a shield that keeps the war from spreading to Europe.

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