Germany Delivers New Military Aid Package to Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Thursday, March 28, 2024
Germany Delivers New Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Germany has provided the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a substantial new package of military aid, enhancing Ukraine’s defense capabilities with a variety of advanced equipment and ammunition

The aid package encompasses a broad range of items crucial for Ukraine's ongoing defense efforts against aggression.

The latest delivery from Germany includes:

  • 14 Warthog tracked all-terrain vehicles, designed for challenging terrains.
  • Ammunition for Leopard 2 tanks.
  • 6 Wisent 1 demining machines, vital for clearing minefields.
  • 2 Biber bridge-laying tanks, facilitating the crossing of obstacles.
  • 1 BergePanzer 2 armored recovery vehicle, essential for vehicle recovery operations.
  • 14 VECTOR unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), enhancing reconnaissance capabilities.
  • 30 RQ-35 UAVs, further augmenting aerial surveillance.
  • 180 RF 360 drone detection systems, critical for identifying enemy drones.
  • 2,000 anti-thermal ponchos, providing camouflage from thermal imaging.
  • 2 emergency power generators, ensuring power supply in critical situations.

Furthermore, Germany has supplied Ukraine with a significant amount of ammunition, including 18,000 155mm artillery shells, 24,000 40mm grenades for grenade launchers, 2,056 RGW90 Matador anti-structure munitions, and 70 H&K GMG automatic grenade launchers.

Looking ahead, the German government has announced plans to transfer additional critical assets to Ukraine in the near future. This includes missiles for Patriot air defense systems, 20 Marder armored personnel carriers, and a Bronco ATTC command vehicle.

This announcement follows Germany's declaration at the Ramstein meeting on March 19 of a new €500 million military aid package to Ukraine. This continued support from Germany, including prior deliveries of drones and artillery shells, plays a vital role in bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities amid ongoing conflicts.

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