Germany, Lithuania and Norway Made a Gift for Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, August 25, 2023
Germany, Lithuania and Norway Made a Gift for Ukraine

On 24 August, 3 countries announced new military assistance packages for Ukraine: IRIS-T, "Patriots", drones, ammunition etc.

The announcement of the transfer of 3 military aid packages is timed to coincide with the Independence Day of Ukraine. 

Germany will transfer missiles to the missile complex Patriot for the first time in the war. In addition to 64 missiles, partners will transfer 10 more drone detection systems, 40 drones for RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance, 500.000 combat supplies and 16 Zetros trucks.

Lithuania allocated €41 million. According to Lithuanian defence minister Arvydas Anushauskas, they will hand over ammunition, small arms, radar for sea surveillance, ammunition, generators, and drone control equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces. In addition, Lithuania is ready to provide training and consultations for Ukrainian defenders.

Norway is preparing to transfer to Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles for the IRIS-T systems and equipment for the clearance of explosive ordnance.

"Norway will continue to support Ukraine in the struggle for protection from Russian troops. Therefore, we will now hand over anti-aircraft missiles. This is one of the largest Norwegian donations of military aid to Ukraine to date," said Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Stepan.

The partners of Ukraine not only support the country but also do everything possible for the country to celebrate Independence Day for many years.

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