Germany Non-Military Aid Package for Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 8, 2023
Germany Non-Military Aid Package for Ukraine

Bridge laying and other engineering vehicles, radar installations, defence systems against enemy drones

On July 7, another package of humanitarian and defence assistance for Ukraine was published on the website of the German federal government. It included:

  • Biber bridge laying machines (now Ukraine has 9 of them);
  • Dachs armoured engineering vehicles (now Ukraine has 4 of them);
  • 3 stations for creating radio interference (before that, Germany transferred 7 such installations);
  • 2 anti-drone defence systems;
  • Set of 9 tractors and semi-trailers.

Last week, Germany announced the transfer of the TRML-4D radar system, heavy vehicles and bridge-laying machines to Ukraine.

According to German defence minister Boris Pistorius, the state will soon transfer several Leopard 1A5s to Ukraine in cooperation with Denmark.

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