Germany Provides Additional Military Aid to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Germany Provides Additional Military Aid to Ukraine

Germany continues its support for Ukraine with the latest delivery of a comprehensive military aid package on January 31

This new batch of assistance, aimed at reinforcing Ukraine's defense capabilities, includes a variety of vital equipment and supplies:

  • 24 Armored Personnel Carriers: Enhancing troop mobility and protection.
  • IRIS-T Missiles: An undisclosed number of missiles for the advanced air defense system.
  • Artillery Ammunition: Several thousand 155-mm shells for artillery units.
  • Bandvagn 206 (BV206) Vehicles: 4 multi-purpose tracked vehicles for diverse terrain operations.
  • BIBER Bridge Layer: Equipped with spare parts to facilitate the creation of temporary bridges.
  • WISENT 1 Demining Tanks: 3 tanks specifically designed for clearing minefields.
  • Demining Equipment: 14 specialized devices for tank demining operations.
  • Additional Support: The package also includes an anti-sea mine system, a Satcom video surveillance system, 4 Border Patrol vehicles, 450 anti-skid chains for vehicles, and 194,000 individual food rations.

Prior to this, on January 17, Germany provided Ukraine with eight armored personnel carriers, 25 drones, and ammunition for Leopard 1 tanks. Furthermore, December 13, 2023, marked the arrival of the second battery of the Patriot air defense system in Ukraine from Germany, following a commitment made by Chancellor Olaf Scholz in October.

This sustained military support from Germany is pivotal in bolstering Ukraine’s defense against ongoing threats and aggressions.

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