Germany Strengthened the Ukrainian Army

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 17, 2023
Germany Strengthened the Ukrainian Army

German Ministry of defence transferred additional "Iris T" systems and other heavy equipment

The German parliament's website reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already received anti-aircraft missiles. These are systems that are used for air defence Iris-T. The installations can resist enemy combat aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and UAVs. Missiles are also capable of attacking rocket artillery and bombs. Ukraine already uses German Iris-T and will now be able to protect its sky even more with additional installations.

The German government also added radars Ground Observer 12 for horse-drawn combat and 4.539 smoke shells (155-mm) to the new assistance package. In addition, the armed forces of Ukraine received:

  • 4 tractors 8×8 HX81;
  • 5 semi-trailers;
  • 8 loaders with a capacity of 15 tons.

The Ukrainian army already has such heavy transport at the front: 38 automobiles HX81, 33 semi-trailers, and 26 loaders. In total, this year, Berlin spent €5.4 billion on military support for the armed forces of Ukraine.

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