Germany to Build Ammunition Plant

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, December 15, 2022
Germany to Build Ammunition Plant

"Rheinmetall" launches the production of shells, which can later be transferred to Ukraine to operate "Gepard" systems

Since the beginning of the war, Germany has sent Ukraine 30 Gepard artillery systems and 60.000 shells. However, given the intensity of the war, this number was not enough. Germany twice sent a request to Bern for the re-export of shells to Ukraine, but they were refused: Switzerland's policy of neutrality prohibits the transfer of weapons to a country where a war is being waged.

In order to strengthen Germany's independence from foreign suppliers of military products, the state decided to expand its own production of 20-35 mm ammunition. In January 2023, new lines of ammunition from the defence concern Rheinmetall will be done, which will autonomously supply Germany with the necessary shells from June 2023.

Preliminarily, about €20 billion will be invested in the new Rheinmetall lines. With the successful implementation of the project, Ukraine can count on uninterrupted supplies of shells, and a quick victory is planned.

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