Germany Transfers Border Defenсe Equipment to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, October 20, 2023
Germany Transfers Border Defenсe Equipment to Ukraine

The Bundesregierung has prepared a new package of equipment for counter-offensive and infrastructure restoration

On October 20, the German Ministry of defence published an updated list of military equipment that will be transferred for the defence of Ukraine. To form this package, the state allocated about €5.4 billion to compensate the donor Bundesregierung and contributions to the European Peace Fund. Additionally, the state has allocated approximately €510.5 billion to fulfil its obligations for the coming year. For comparison, in 2022, Germany allocated a total of €2 billion for military support to Ukraine.

The current package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will include:

  • All-terrain vehicles Bandvagn 206 — 14 units;
  • Biber systems for laying bridges;
  • Engineering vehicles WiSENT 1 MC — 2 units;
  • Satellite communication terminals — 99 units;
  • Vehicles for border services — 13 units;
  • 40-mm ammunition for grenade launchers — 32.823 units;
  • 20.000 safety glasses and 239 cryptophones;
  • HX81 trucks with trailers — 15 units;
  • Installation for launch and coordination of Vector drones;
  • Mobile installations Slinger — 10 units.

Separately, 1.202 infusion pumps will be provided to Ukrainian military doctors: an electronic system for continuous and dosed administration of drugs to the patient.

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